Online Distance Learning HNC Courses in Engineering

Online Distance Learning HNC Courses:

Our Online Distance Learning HNC programmes are available in Mechanical, General and Electrical Engineering. All of our HNC programmes are fully accredited and delivered on behalf of our partner College. Not ready for an HNC? Check out our Bridging Courses further down the page.

Engineers Academy Bridging Courses:

Our Bridging Courses are designed to prepare students for our Online HNC programmes. Gain valuable Engineering knowledge and familiarise yourself with self-motivated study.

Engineers Academy Sample Lessons:

Our Sample Lessons are available completely free of charge. You will need to register your details to receive a password and we will also provide more information about the Engineers Academy.

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8 thoughts on “Online Distance Learning HNC Courses in Engineering”

  1. Hi, I am eager to start get my HNC in mechanical engineering. I also need the maths bridging course.

    It would be funded by ELC, but I have had issues with them when I tried to apply with Teesside university. Something to do with their courses not being recognised.

    Have you had any of the same problems with ELC?


    1. Hi Chris, thank you for getting in touch. Our HNCs are currently delivered on behalf of Tyne Coast College and all 3 HNC disciplines are approved by the ELC service. Here is a link to the College’s page on the ELC service website:

      The programmes listed as ‘EA Distance’ are the Engineers Academy distance learning HNC programmes.

      With regards to the Maths Bridging Course, you can start this at any time by signing up online.

      1. I am ex forces and will be taking advantage of the ELC Scheme. As part of the ELC funding application I must specify a start date that is minimum 25 days after the application is made, also a finish date. Can you advise what ‘start date’ is should submit? I am guessing as its online education there is no term dates like conventional colleges? Do you have any ball park figures how long the online HNC takes to complete? Is there a time limit?

        1. Thank you getting in touch Dean. We start new groups in each discipline every 2 months. We have groups starting at the end of July 2019, end of September 2019 and every two months thereafter. It may be too late to make the July start, in which case it will be Monday 23rd September.

          We recommend that students commit 4 to 5 hours per week to their studies. This would enable completion of the HNC within 2 years (around 20 months).
          There are no fixed term dates, but on the application you should put the expected duration as 2 years.

          Best regards,


    1. Hi Andrew. The total cost of the HNC qualification is £3950. We are able to accept Student Finance and ELCs credits (ex-military bursary) through our partner college and we can also make arrangements for an instalment plan to be set up. Usually this would be 6 instalments of around £658.

      The bridging courses range from £11.99 PCM to £20.99 PCM, depending on which courses you wish to take.

    1. Hi Terry. Is that the programme that you are interested in, or are you already studying an HNC in Mechanical Engineering?

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