Level 3 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

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This course covers the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering. Most of the topics in this course would be covered on any level 3 Engineering programme, particularly if your studies are mechanically biased. If you are currently studying Mechanical Engineering at level 3, or wish to revise prior to commencing a Mechanical Engineering course at level 4 or above, then this course will provide a suitable foundation of knowledge and understanding.

Note: This course is best studied in conjunction with the ‘Level 3 Essential Mathematics for Engineers’ course, as many of the topics require the application of maths.

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Who is the ‘Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering’ Course Designed For?

This course is suitable for anyone studying, or considering study in mechanical engineering at Level 3 or above.

If you are already studying mechanical engineering, then it is likely that you would benefit from compounding your understanding of the topics covered in this course.

If you are considering studying mechanical engineering at any level, then it is essential that you gain a sound knowledge of the application of key themes and principles, by mastering the skills contained in this course.

When studying a level 4 mechanical engineering qualification with any institution, it will be assumed that you can apply all of the principles covered in this course. If you study a higher level programme with the Engineers Academy®, then you will be given complementary access to this course, alongside your main programme, for revision purposes.

What is included in the ‘Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering’ Course?

The list below provides an overview of the topics covered in this course:

1.  Static Engineering Systems

  • Finding the Resultant of Two Forces
  • Finding the Resultant of Systems of Forces
  • Non-Concurrent Co-Planar Force Systems
  • Simply Supported Beams (Point Loads)
  • Simply Supported Beams (UDLs)
  • Cantilever and Over-Hanging Beams
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams (Graphical)
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams (Analytical)
  • Direct Stress, Strain and Elastic Modulus
  • Shear Stress, Strain and Modulus of Rigidity
  • Series and Parallel Compound Bars
  • Pin-Jointed Framed Structures (Graphical)
  • Pin-Jointed Framed Structures (Analytical)

2.  Dynamic Engineering Systems

  • Equations of Motion
  • Newton’s Second Law
  • Simple Rotating Systems

3.  Energy and Work

  • Work, Energy and Power
  • Conservation of Energy
  • Conservation of Momentum
  • Impact Loading
  • Simple Lifting Machines
  • Differential Lifting Machines
  • Complex Rotating Systems

4.  Fluid Systems

  • Pressure Head, Thrust Force and Overturning Moments
  • Fluid Flow in Tubes, Pipes and Ducts
  • Archimedes’ Principle for Immersed Objects

5. Thermodynamic Systems

  • Heat Transfer and Changes of State
  • Thermal Expansion, Stress and Strain
  • Gas Laws


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