Level 3 Essential Mathematics for Engineers (Maths Bridging Course)

(89 customer reviews)

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This course covers the core Mathematics topics that are studied during any level 3 Engineering programme. If you are currently studying Engineering at level 3, or wish to revise prior to commencing an Engineering qualification at level 4 or above, then this maths bridging course has been developed with you in mind.

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Who is the ‘Essential Mathematics for Engineers’ Course Designed For?

This Maths Bridging Course is suitable for anyone studying, or considering studying maths or engineering at Level 3 or above.

If you are already studying engineering, then it is likely that you would benefit from compounding your understanding of the core mathematical skills that are commonly used in engineering.

If you are considering studying engineering at any level, then it is essential that you gain a sound foundation in mathematics, by mastering the skills contained in this course.  Engineering is largely analytical in nature and each of the topics in this course will help to improve your potential as an engineer.

When studying a level 4 qualification (or above) with any institution, it will be assumed that you can apply all of the principles covered in this maths bridging course. If you study a higher level programme with the Engineers Academy®, then you will be given complementary access to this course, alongside your main programme, for revision purposes.

Disclaimer: Please note that you will not receive a level 3 qualification upon completion of this course, as it has been designed specifically to support students who are currently studying related disciplines, or who are preparing for further study in Engineering. It is not a qualification in its own right.

If you are unsure, please Contact Us for more information before purchasing this online course.

What is included in the ‘Essential Mathematics for Engineers’ Maths Bridging Course?

The list below provides an overview of the topics covered in this course:

1.  Number

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Standard Form and Metric Prefixes

2.  Area and Volume

  • Areas of Complex and Compound Shapes
  • Volumes of Complex and Compound Shapes

3.  Algebra

  • Rearranging and Solving Equations
  • Factorisation
  • Quadratic Formula
  • Solving Simultaneous Equations
  • Laws of indices and Logs
  • Exponential Growth and Decay
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
  • Complex Numbers

4.  Graphs

  • Plotting Straight Line Graphs
  • Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically
  • Solving Quadratic Equations Graphically
  • Graphical Solutions to Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations
  • Power Functions and Log Graphs

5.  Trigonometry

  • Converting Angular Measurements
  • Pythagoras Theorem and Trigonometry
  • Trigonometric Function Graphs
  • Sin and Cosine Rules
  • Trigonometric Formulae
  • Combining Trigonometric Graphs

6.  Statistics

  • Averages for Discrete and Grouped Data
  • Representing and Interpreting Discrete Data
  • Representing and Interpreting Continuous Data
  • Advanced Statistical Techniques

7.  Calculus

  • Basic Differentiation
  • Basic integration
  • Differentiation: Chain Rule
  • Differentiation: Product Rule
  • Differentiation: Quotient Rule
  • Differentiation: Maxima and Minima
  • Numeric Integration

89 reviews for Level 3 Essential Mathematics for Engineers (Maths Bridging Course)

  1. Connor Shaw (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the course, full of detail and great examples in the videos and training provided was clear. Would recommend.

  2. Ben Sargent (verified owner)

    Excellent course. Well structured and concise… it very effectively refreshed long-forgotten knowledge from 20-something years ago. Would highly recommend to anyone pursuing further education in any scientific field at any age. A genuine online gem.

  3. Ben Brady

    Use the level 3 essential maths course as a pre-joining requisite to further education that I am pursuing. Found the course extremely beneficial with the video tuition well constructed and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

  4. Lewis

    Having just completed this maths bridging course in preparation for my HNC in E&E engineering I can say wholeheartedly that it was worth it. I’m not great at maths at all and it has always been the elephant in the room when it comes to learning for me. I found the bitesize videos easy to digest and being able to replay them is always very handy!

  5. Jack Ryan

    Really enjoyed this course. The videos are great and had all the info needed to answer the questions. Next up is the mechanical engineering bridging course. I would definitely recommend Engineer’s Academy.

  6. michael wilson

    I needed this as it was a great help to my further study, I do recommend this course

  7. Daryl

    I am 35 years old, I was 33 when I began this course. I used it to prepare for my return to education in order to obtain my BTEC L3. I did approximately 60% of the course – then started college – I have since finished college, completing my BTEC. I am now aiming to begin on the HNC course, so I have finally completed this in order to access the HNC course.

    This method of learning is much more effective for me. Having gone back to college, I did not take too well to the classroom environment again. Between engineers academy, and 2 local colleges (which would mean day release from my place of work) I have opted to go with engineers academy to go forward with the HNC, due to the fact I prefer this method of learning over classroom. The short clips are thorough and to the point. Some tutoring methods really don’t sit well with me (particularly from recent experience). But with engineers academy there is none of that – straight into the learning. Being able to re-listen to what was said is also a massive bonus for me. That little rewind, is everything!

    I feel like I have mithered the life out of Andy with any issues – but he has been brilliant, quick with response and very thorough with his guidance! I will look forward to getting through the HNC with Engineers Academy.

  8. nathanhayde

    I completed this course as a bridging course to a HNC in mechanical engineering. It has been a long time since I done anything like this as I left school in 2005 and I struggled with maths then. I found the videos really helpful, although I did need to watch them a few times for the penny to drop. Overall, it’s been a very beneficial course before embarking on my HNC.

  9. ajohnson

    A valuable education package to get me up to speed with the Electrical Engineering HNC. I have completed A levels 20 years ago and this brought back information and also explained it in a new way which made some parts easier. A course that guided me through the material and questions well and in a manageable way. I got stuck on the later modules and emailed Jon for support, he got back to me the same night on weekdays and explained the solution well. This meant I could carry on while I waited for a reply and then the next night go back and complete the section. I am now due to tackle the physics/electrical circuit module. Thank you. Adam.

  10. Alejandro Gutierrez

    I undertook this course in preparation to undertake a HNC in Electrical Engineering. This course gives you the tools and a booster for a better understanding of maths specially if you have not seen maths since graduation. Everything is well explained and has a right order. Looking forward to do the next bridging course and then jump into the HNC, I would definitely recommend this course, is very useful to anyone who wants to start in Engineering world. Thanks Andy for such a good math refresher.

  11. Andrew Wiltshire

    I want to start a HNC in electrical engineering to develop my career but was rusty with some of the mathematics. This course has been valuable in refreshing my knowledge and covering some subjects I had very limited knowledge of. The subjects are broken down into easy to follow chunks. Well worth investing in for anyone who wishes to complete higher education.

  12. Sam (verified owner)

    After wanting to take on the HNC in electrical engineering i knew i needed to complete my mathematics bridging course. I chose engineers academy as they had a pay monthly option which was great for me as i knew i could really sink some time into it and that it would be very cost effective which it was! The videos were brilliant, very informative, very clear and prepare you perfectly for the practice questions after. After having such a good experience with engineers academy i have decided to continue my learning with them and signed up to do the HNC straight away! Definitely recommend!

  13. Janet Perrett

    I am teaching Maths for Engineering for the first time. This is an excellent course. The videos are really well put together and the quizzes are great to do.

  14. Christopher

    As soon as you sign up you get instant access with detailed walk throughs of the site and all the course content.

    Everything is provided for you to print off as and when you work through the modules. All you need is a calculator and a lot of paper.

    The instructor Jon was very good with real speedy replies whenever I needed a bit of guidance.

    The course itself was challenging, I haven’t filled so many A4 books with math for about 13 years but the tutorials on the whole were very good.

    A few other places I looked didn’t offer the monthly pay as you go method. It was just a standard one off charge for the bridging course whereas with EA you pay monthly so if you have more time to put in you can get it done faster for less cost. Massive positive.

    Would highly recommend this company.

  15. Will Jones

    Very much enjoyed the course and it was all very digestible. Only criticism is a few technical issues with answers being formatted incorrectly resulting in questions being incorrect.

  16. Chloe F

    Highly recommended! Fantastic course.

    This is my second L3 course with Engineers Academy. Yet again the broken-down, simple structure of this course made learning the topics a breeze

    This course in particular covers a wide variety of subjects in easily digestible, bitesize chunks.

    Any support I needed was given in a timely manner which meant I could keep studying at an uninterrupted pace.

    Overall, there is nothing I would change about this learning experience and I will 100% be studying with Engineers Academy again for the third L3 course, then a HNC!

    Cannot recommend enough!

  17. cbendall

    I started this course in preparation to complete an HNC in General Engineering – the accompanying resource sheets were so helpful and the video tutorials were well paced and provided enough information in order to complete the questions. Some of the modules in the course were challenging but the feedback and prompts given were really useful (especially as I haven’t tackled A Level Maths for over 15 years!). I would highly recommend this course to anyone else looking to further develop their knowledge and understanding of engineering mathematics 🙂

  18. Mark Andrews

    I am currently studying towards an electrical HNC and I wasn’t particularly strong at maths at school which was 24 years ago, but with the excellent way the tutorials are set up with the easily followed videos, I was able to study at my own pace and paused my studying to concentrate on other courses.
    Andy went above and beyond what I thought was required when I got stuck and if not for his help I probably would have given up.

  19. Lukasz

    I started this course as recommended by Andy to find out if I am capable of doing Electrical HNC. It has been quite few years since I studied Maths last time. I can say it has been very good course although I have found few subjects quite challenging and Andy support was quick and reliable. Highly recommended. Looking forward to commence Electronic and Electrical bridging course.

  20. Stuart Down

    Great course to get you started or back into it. I think the course addresses the basics and will bring you back up to speed and ready for the HNC, alternatively, this can be a good stand-alone course for an introduction in to engineering maths.

  21. Kieren Fowles

    Great course. The layout is superb and the lessons are very easy to understand. I topped up my math skills as a refresher and will progress onto the relevant HNC/HND. Recommend this course!

  22. Brendon Fothergill

    Andy and the engineers academy team helped me greatly during the process, all video tutorial content brilliant and always on hand when extra assistance is needed, would 100% recommend!

  23. Francis McDonald

    I did this course as part of two courses my work have put me through as bridging courses to an HNC. It has been a long time since I done anything like this as I left school in 2008 so I found the videos helpful although sometimes I did go and use other means to try and gain a bit more knowledge from YouTube etc however overall its been very beneficial and I enjoyed the course.

  24. Ben

    I did this course as part of the level 3 Mechanical Engineering bundle. Some of the course material was new to me and really quite complex but the tutorial videos explain each subject in a very digestible and understandable way. The course is well structured and the platform very easy to use. The email support provided by the EA was really quick and well explained. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to refresh their maths knowledge and learn new topics.

  25. Steven (verified owner)

    I did this course while studying my Level 3 in Mechanical Engineering at college and needed this to progress onto my HNC to prove (as a mature student) that I can handle the maths to come. The videos are great for people like me with ADHD. They are short and straight to the point. The tests are challenging enough to work your brain but not so hard that they aren’t enjoyable to work your way through. The only criticism I have is (and I do understand why it is the way it is) I wish in the tests we could input our workings and somehow if you get the answer wrong but your method of workings is correct it could notify you of where you went wrong. Rather that getting something wrong and watching the videos and more YouTube videos to try work out where you went wrong.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your feedback Steven. Unfortunately we are not able to provide worked solutions to every question on the platform, as each new attempt uses different values and variations. If students do need supported then they are welcome to email us on either report@engineers.academy or ea-team@engineers.academy. Our tutors can then provide support as required.

  26. Richard Hamilton

    Really gets the grey matter going as its been to long since studying math. I’m 47 and looking to progress with the HNC courses and these are really a good reminder of what I’ve forgotten. All very well structured and helpful videos to get through it.

  27. Doug Costello

    Excellent course to get back into studying after a number of years away. Some of the sections covered I don’t recall having learned previously at all but with the clear video guides these are easily picked up.
    Very useful and I am looking forward to my next training package.

  28. Sophie kay

    Having dyscalculia I was quite nervous about taking on the course and getting into engineering, however this course is fantastic! The videos are short and easy to understand, it may have taken me longer than the average person but I still managed to complete it with an overall 80% mark. I found it useful that you could go back to sections to recap as you progress, if you do need something you learnt earlier, so this was really useful. Looking forward to completing my HNC.

  29. Paulk9119 (verified owner)

    Really well structured tutorials with every detail explained and a variation on possible questions you may encounter in exam/real world situations. Very enjoyable and you actually feel as though you are learning which is what I really want to get out of this. Great course! Looking forward to the HNC.

  30. David Harden

    A very good refresher course for someone who has been out of education for a few years. Easy to digest videos and help and advice from Andy and Jon when stuck on certain areas. Highly recommended 🙂

  31. Oliver Brackenbury-Danquah

    After over 9 years out of a learning environment the well structure videos gave a real insight into the course practice questions and how to pass them. I struggled several times during the calculus modules towards the end and Andy was always at hand to explain and aid me further to ensure I best understood the question.

  32. Luke Taylor

    After being out of formal education for over 5 years, the speed and the structure of the delivery of the course was exactly what I needed. I enjoyed completing the course and it has given me the confidence to go on to progress studying the HNC.

  33. Lloyd

    A good refresher after 20+ years away from ‘proper’ study. Well structured video tutorials and method explanations and each test relates well to the module.

  34. rfreeman

    A very well fleshed out course with easy to understand videos with straightforward instructions. Exactly what you want with an online bridging course.

  35. Abdi

    This course was well designed for someone who has been away from school for a long time. I enjoyed the course and it has restored my confidence in maths as I have not studied maths for a long time. Videos are well tailored for each topic. I would recommend this course to any one who is willing to refresh their maths skill.

  36. Darren A

    Great course clear and consice videos with expert help on hand whenever needed. Would reccomend it to anyone.

  37. Paul (verified owner)

    An ideal bridging course. A very clear and easy to use format. The video tutorials are bitesized and very well delivered. Support was always on hand from Andy and Jon. Highly recommend.

  38. Russ Northcote

    Although daunting at first, the lessons are very well put together and build up nicely to the tougher maths/questions. From someone who has never really liked maths, the lessons and processes were well explained.
    I would recommend that anyone thinking of starting a HNC go through the course a a refresher as well as jogging the memory and getting it working again!!

  39. Joseph Herman

    Having been out of education for a while it was a bit daunting taking on some higher level maths, however, the videos for the lessons were perfect at explaining different processes throughout the course allowing me to take notes that I could apply to the practice questions.
    Andy was very responsive via email with any problems or queries I had.
    Overall a much better bridging course than one I had previously undertaken with a different provider which only provided printouts with no explanations. I’d highly recommend anyone wanting to move onto higher level qualifications.

  40. rick.smith2731

    I felt very intimidated by the Maths at first as I haven’t been at college for a number of years, however the small bite sized lessons, which I took notes as I watched, helped broaden my knowledge on the subject and guided me towards course completion.
    I am now thoroughly enjoying the L3 Mechanical Engineering with which I hope to complete soon.

    Thank you!

  41. Matt Bennett

    Really good course! Having not completed this level of Maths for a number of years, the clear and detailed training videos really helped me along the way! Would highly recommend this training course for anyone!

    Thank you!

  42. Taylor Flower

    Jon and Andy where brilliant during the L3 Maths course i carried out. when i struggled i had them at the end of an email to explain to me where i was going wrong. When i really struggled on one subject Jon went out his way to Video call me for 40 minutes to talk me through that module until i understood it.
    Very professional and very knowledgeable Jon and Andy, would recommend.

    thank you

  43. jamie-evans14 (verified owner)

    Honestly the best maths course I’ve ever done. I did level 3 engineering maths on a previous course and some of the stuff covered here wasn’t even taught on the course. Not to mention the fact that covid resulted in home learning and not much was taught by the college during this time so I was about to go in to a HNC course not knowing half the maths stuff I would have needed to. This course has allowed me to progress on the hnc with confidence in my maths ability. If I’d known about this site sooner, I would have skipped college and done the course through here as, hands down, the teaching here is a thousand times better, clearer, more informative and simpler to understand that what I experienced at college. Would 1000000% recommend to.anyone thinking of doing it.

  44. Alex Cobban

    Excellent course, thoroughly enjoy working through the videos and problems. The instructors were very quick to answer any questions I had. Highly recommend this platform.

  45. Oliver Bradshaw

    Great course, really worth doing if you haven’t done any Mathematics in a long time. The layout of the course is pretty straight forward and the way you learn also helps you understand the topics better. I personally think doing it along side work/life commitments wasn’t bad at all, you do it in your own time so there is no pressure at all. Contacting Andy to help was also great, he always got back to me straight away and felt he was super supportive.

  46. Timothy Sookrah

    Phenomenal course. Came into it 12 years after studying math at school so I couldn’t remember anything and had a very minimal knowledge of math. This course taught me so much and is definitely the best option if you want develop a full education in engineering from 0. It has left me in very good stead for the HNC and it is definitely the easiest / quickest way to qualify for the HNC. Good, clear classes, I could study at my own pace and I found it very interesting. Andy was very supportive when I had difficulty on a question. Flawless.

  47. Ayden Puckey

    Helped so much in preperation for the HNC, and so easy to do alongside work.

  48. Rafal Zieba

    Very good bridging course. It definitely helps with getting back on track after a long break from school. Easy to understand bite size lessons followed by good tests – you won’t ever feel exhausted like I did after attending my college in person. Great support from Andy and very quick responses.

  49. James

    Really thorough course and the tutors are excellent, always take the time to clarify any issues over email. Highly recommend

  50. Michael Tempest

    Coming from a long spell of no academic learning I found this course stood out when searching for a learning programme and did not disappoint, very well staged to help you progress through each topic and very handy video tutorials for guidance, it has most certainly refreshed my knowledge on these topics which should be the basis needed to go on for HNC. Would highly recommend!

  51. Andy

    Decided to take the maths bridging course before taking the HNC as haven’t studied in over 15 years. Made me realise that i can achieve my goal with distance learning and with engineering academy

  52. CSRailEngineerAQP

    Very comprehensive and a good refresher on maths material in college. Whenever I reached material I was quite rusty on the videos were really good for jogging my memory.

  53. Stephen

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Andy has a great teaching style which makes each topic easy to understand. Some of the material was revision to topics I studied at GCSE and the rest took me above and beyond my previous comprehension. I would have struggled entering a Level 4 engineering course without first completing this Bridging Course and I am now prepared. Thanks Andy !

  54. Dan C

    This course is an excellent way to get back up to speed on my Level 3 Maths. Plenty of topics with video descriptions, equation sheets and support from the Engineer’s Academy team whenever I had any questions. I highly recomend this to anyone who wants to study for a Level 4 HNC who, like me, has a Level 3 ND already but is feeling a bit rusty after not using that knowledge for some time. It felt like getting my memory back!

  55. Dave

    I did this course as prep for doing HNC electrical. After trying out A-level maths as a youngster then dropping it, I found the videos and formula sheets really helpful and could do this at my pace in the way the videos teach, got right back into it and in just over a month passed the course. Roll on the next course!

  56. Grant

    First time studying in 27 years and with the learning platform provided by the Engineers Academy it made completing and enjoying this course possible. Any questions that I asked met with a quick response also the video tuturiols I felt worked for me. I will now be going forward with the HNC and feel confident and enthusiastic about this. Prepare for more questions Andy!

  57. Wim Seffelaar (verified owner)

    I am preparing to achieve my HNC and further (hopefully) so I did this course to start with. Refreshing what I did some (20+) years ago. It is a brilliant course and any questions I had, had an immediate reply. Very impressed so far and I am looking forward to the next challenges. I juggle the coursework with a full time job so this is the best of both worlds to me.

  58. Thomas Martin

    Very cleverly designed course, The video tutorials for each topic are excellent and easy to follow. I personally found taking notes from the video tutorials, especially in the more complex subjects was a great help in completing the practice questions and building on my understanding. Each topic builds on the last and encourages independent thinking/problem solving techniques. Andy is quick and very helpful if you get stuck or need pushing in the right direction. Highly recommend.

  59. Adam

    I did this course as preparation for the HNC, it was very well structured and the site was easy to use. The video tutorials are really clear and concise, it helps to build confidence for future studies. It’s very refreshing to learn at your own pace and to have the information you need at your fingertips, looking forward to doing the next step!

  60. Alex

    Maths wasn’t one of my strong subjects at school and genuinely having completed this now I feel so much more confident going into the next step which will be an HNC/HND. The videos are extremely helpful and it was such a great feeling not only passing, but doing well on an exam when previously I wouldn’t have had a chance in answering the questions! For the price and what you get out of it you really won’t do better than this. Thanks Andy!

  61. Janet (verified owner)

    I initially did this course in solidarity with my daughter who is also doing it – and I loved it (especially as a pandemic distraction)! I’ve run a training organisation for 25 years and before that was in FE and would judge this to be high quality, substantial online delivery. We deliver a lot of functional maths courses and I will be recommending this as a L3 Maths course for any teacher who wants to develop their knowledge at this level – I think it’s of general interest, not just for engineers. Thanks for the course – hopefully I win the prize of oldest female student 🙂

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your feedback and kind words Janet. We are delighted to hear that you have gained so much from the course and appreciate your endorsement of the course.

  62. Eden Jeffries

    Prior to this course, i had completed a level 3 Engineering course with another provider. I got in touch with the Engineers Academy about doing the Level 4 HNC. Andy thought it would be beneficial i did the bridging course first and he was absolutely right. The course went in to a lot more depth and taught a variety of new techniques for problem solving. The study platform layout was extremely easy to use. The best part of this course for me was having the learning material from Engineers Academy themselves which explains it all in their own videos. The way that each subject was explained was very clear and understandable. Overall a great experience and has made me want to choose Engineers Academy to continue my study. Thank you.

  63. Michael Eggerton

    As a qualified electrician, I was looking for the best step towards becoming an Electrical Engineer.
    The Engineer’s Academy bridging course is the first step I have chosen, and it is brilliant!
    I never studied Maths before this, only at the most rudimentary level during high school, so I was unsure of how easy I would find it. The tutorials are excellent and very descriptive, and you also get 5 attempts for each exam. It tells you where you went wrong, which helps cement the new knowledge you are picking up. I would recommend this course to anyone.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your kind words Michael! We are delighted to hear that you have developed your understanding of the topics covered in the course.

  64. Rashid Ibrahim

    Hi Andy, I have heard so many great reviews about this course. I was just wondering if this course is included in the engineering principles exam preparation package. Many Thanks, Rashid

    • andygsmith

      Hi Rashid, I am pleased to hear your have heard good things about this course. Some of the content from this course is included in the Level 3 ND Engineering Principles Exam Preparation course, but only the topics that are assessed in the exam. Statistics and differentiation are not included and some of the higher level algebra topics (i.e. complex numbers) are also not included.

  65. Gregor Mackintosh (verified owner)

    Having not studied maths since leaving school a number of years ago I undertook this course in order to prepare me for studying the HNC. The videos take you through each of the topics step by step and the questions are a good mix of challenges. I would certainly recommend this course for anyone looking to do a HNC both for the maths skills and to get you in the way of allocating time to study.

  66. Matt Green

    I undertook this course in preparation to undertake a HNC in Mechanical Engineering.
    The modules are set out in a logical progression and the videos are of a sufficient quality to bring the point and theory across.
    Whilst this is just a bridging course, it still requires an amount of effort and logical thought to complete successfully.
    Being a frequent traveler and a remote worker, the course is suitable for distance learning.
    The price is extremely fair for the quality and quantity of the content.
    This course is recommended

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your review and feedback Matt. We appreciate your input and look forward to working with you on the HNC programme.

  67. Mark Jelbert

    The material is very in depth and challenges you in order to think methodically in order to arrive at the right answer. I feel that this course has been very effective in keeping the material in my head for the course to come, with me being able to recall the principles with ease. The instruction was to a good quality and The instructor was always available to answer any questions i had when i got stuck. good course.

    • andygsmith

      Thank your for your positive feedback Mark! We look forward to working with you on the Mechanical Engineering HNC programme.

  68. Dave

    Having never been much of a mathematician this course appeared daunting at first glance. With the help of Andy and the other study material that is made available it doesnt take long to gain more confidence in each unit. This will definitley help me when progressing to the HNC.

  69. Fraser

    A fantastic course to help prepare for my HNC. It was a great way of getting back into a study routine.

  70. Dave (verified owner)

    This course is great for anyone wanting to progress to an HNC. The videos are easy to follow, well explained and to the point. I tried this course through an open university once before got stuck on a topic and ended up running out of time, I managed to complete this course in a matter of weeks. Engineers academy is also very responsive to emails.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your comments and feedback Dave! We look forward to working with you when you commence the HNC with us.

  71. Usman

    The course is simple to follow but yet brilliant as it ensures your continuous progression of mathematical knowledge. I did have some prior knowledge which i though would be needed however the lessons introduced me to new methods of solving problems. To ensure that you succeed simply watch the video lessons, understand the content, try some practise questions and then the quiz. Should you ever get stuck you can simply contact Andy for support. It really is that simple. There are no hidden fees and for the price it is a true bargain! Completing this course gave me a better understanding of maths which I aim to use in the HNC to great success god willing. Thanks again Andy for the help.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your feedback and kind words Usman. We look forward to working with you when you commence the HNC in the future.

  72. Andy

    I started this course concurrently with the Electrical Fundamentals course, as a revision guide/re-entry to the Electrical/Electronic Engineering sector, having previously studied and worked in Engineering many years ago. The material has been well presented and methodical in its approach and it has helped me develop a strong knowledge and confidence platform for future studies/work. A nice surprise, was the use of Excel to carry-out mathematical activities to solve complex problems, now I am using it a lot more.
    Thanks Andy for the course(s), just excellent.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your kind words and feedback Andrew and best of luck with your future studies. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to work with you again in the future!

  73. James (verified owner)

    The Maths Bridging course has been exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to purse my goal of studying for a HNC in engineering. The study platform is very user friendly and the content so far has been delivered in a very concise manner. I really feel like I’ve developed my skills significantly in a short space of time. I’m only at the beginning of my studies but it feels like an excellent service and learning platform.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your comments and feedback James. I am pleased to hear that you are benefiting from the course content and teaching methods.

  74. Sam Moore

    Have taken this Maths Bridging Course prior to starting one of the HNC courses. The platform was straightforward and easy to use with a good range of topics covered in depth. It was a great, cost effective way to prepare for the HNC and make sure the grey cells hadn’t rusted completely as I’ve been away from the world of academia for some time! It felt like it took me ages to work through the different topics however it’s been a worthwhile exercise to feel confident that I will be able to tackle the HNC maths element.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your feedback Sam. We look forward to working with you when you begin studying the HNC programme.

  75. David Corner

    I was initially apprehensive as its 23 years since i was at school and have no higher education. However the course can be taken at your own pace and the admin are always on hand to assist with any difficulties

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your comments and feedback David.

  76. Scott Higgins (verified owner)

    I took this course hesitantly as i had struggled previously with math, but after discussing my concerns with a colleague he put me onto Engineers Academy as he had previously completed the L3 Math. I was not disappointed.
    The course is structured extremely well. Clear and basic instruction with excellent support from Andy. The video tutorials are excellent and are much better than reading text books etc. I would highly recommend this course. Excellent.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your kind words and positive feedback Scott. All the best for the future!

  77. Isti

    I have completed this level 3 course as part of my HNC . The topics weren’t new to me as i had completed a similar one with another college however, this course was a lot better. The video tutorials are great as well as the whole structure of the course. When I got stuck I received support so I highly recommend this course.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for the feedback Istvan. I am glad you have found the course useful in preparation for the HNC Maths unit.

  78. Philip Gowers

    Both the course structure and content are fantastic. It’s been 10 years since I’ve studied any maths, and this course has been perfect for refreshing my knowledge base, while also clarifying a few things that I remember struggling with in school. I look forward to studying my HNC with Engineers Academy. Thanks again!

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your kind words and positive feedback Phil. Well done on completing the Maths Bridging Course and we look forward to working with you on the HNC programme.

  79. Lewis Teagle

    Great start for the actual HNC. It put me in good stead as I do not think I’ve completed any academic work in 8 years +. It soon came back to me and anything I couldn’t figure Andy was always on hand to advise. The distance learning suits me perfectly as I can manage my own time with my work commitments that change on a weekly basis.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your kind words and feedback Lewis. We are pleased that the structure of the course accommodates your work and other commitments and we look forward to working with you on the HNC programme.

  80. GrahamMills (verified owner)

    I went into this expecting a hard time as I had previously attempted A-Level Maths and dropped out after two weeks. I was trying, so the fact that I failed then but succeeded now can be credited to the learning structure and method. The lessons clearly laid out and excellently paced, while the progression through the topics will take you from a few simple percentage calculations to Calculus without any noticeable jump in difficulty level. It’s a credit to the design of this course that I’ve completed it.

    Previously I had tried another platform that claims to make maths problems easy. But when I tried it, I just found incredibly complex problems that don’t do anything to explain how conclusions are arrived at and made me feel worse, not better. The people designing the questions were just saying, “I get this. Not my problem if you don’t.”

    I’m really glad I kept looking and I’d encourage people to take this course even if they have no plans to study engineering, purely because it will boost your Maths confidence and grow your ability seamlessly. Thanks Andy for all your help and creating a platform that’s accessible and usable by everyone.

    • andygsmith

      Hi Graham, thank you for your kind words and an amazing review! It is useful for us to understand a little bit about your background, so that we can ensure our products meets the needs of our students. Keep up the hard word and we look forward to working with you more, now that you are starting the Mechanical Engineering HNC with us.

  81. timdavison78 (verified owner)

    This maths bridging course has been excellent. I previously signed up for an HNC with another provider thinking that i wouldn’t need to do a maths bridging course however having not done any mathematics since leaving school 22 years ago i was very wrong ultimately resulting in me having to drop out the course.
    The content and structure of the Engineers academy bridging course has been great and i now feel that in a short space of time i am back at a level where i am confident to move onto something more challenging.
    The support and communication from Andy has been great.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your kind words Tim. I notice that you have started the Mechanical bridging course now and so you will be well prepared for the Mechanical HNC. Unfortunately your experience with other providers is not uncommon, as distance leaning is often a small part of their engineering provision. I am delighted you have found our student support to be effective and I hope to see you on the HNC soon!

  82. philhowe13

    Having not completed academic studies for numerous years, this is the perfect course to bridge those years out of a classroom. The course offers a thorough reintroduction to studies through the detailed yet understandable videos. Andy’s explanations offer everything you need to develop and complete this course. Highly recommended, thanks a lot!

    • andygsmith

      Thank you Phil. I am glad you feel you have benefited from the course.

  83. Y solomon

    Great tool to assess current knowledge and what needs work. Instant results from assessments and easy to gauge where your at in your studies.
    Many thanks to Andy and his team, forever appreciative!

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your kind words Yossief. I am pleased to see that you are making great progress on the HNC now too. Keep up the good work!

  84. Adam Senior

    Fantastic setup and guidance.
    It has been a long time for me since I have studied mathematics and I found that each lesson was very well structured and beneficial for my learning and development. Thoroughly enjoyed going through it all again.
    Great work on this Andy I appreciate all of the help.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you Adam. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to see you on the HNC soon!

  85. Sam shepherd

    Excellent course.

    Its been a while since i have put pen to paper for the basic fundamentals of maths , but with andys excellent delivery skills , and vast knowledge this course was a great benefit to myself.

    Thanks again andy.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your kind words Sam! I am glad you have benefited from the course and hope you feel well prepared for starting an HNC.

  86. Heathjonno

    This course really helps bridge the gap between A level and a HNC/HND – especially when you’ve had a big gap between learning. I used this course to help prepare to start a FDSC in power engineering and it really helped give me a sound mathematical and engineering base!
    Thank you Andy & team!

    • andygsmith

      Hi Heather, thank you for your feedback and kind words. All the best for your future studies!

  87. Kris Rhodes

    I started this course in conjunction with the Electrical Fundamentals course in preparation for starting a HNC in Electrical Engineering Next year.
    Maths was not my strong point in school, neither was it my strong point during my RAF apprenticeship. I think I’m a bit slower on the up take with regards to methods and processes used. And in a classroom environment I felt that I got slightly left behind. The use of video tutorials and practice questions is the perfect combination for me and I seem to understand it a lot more than I ever have as I can go at my pace and do lots of practice so it’s cemented in my mind.
    Thank you very much.

    • andygsmith

      Hi Kris, thank you for your kind words. You have been making excellent progress in both courses and I am confident that you will be well prepared to study an HNC next year. Keep up the good work!

  88. Igorssuna (verified owner)

    At first I thought why do I need this course and why I cannot just do HNC straight away. NOW I do understand the reason for it. It is really great course and the support from Andy Smith is excellent.
    The last time I was doing Math was 16 years ago and I was a bit worried if I can do it. For my surprise I am doing it very well so far. I like the fact it gives you 5 attepmts and only the highest score is the end result. By the time you reach the 5th attempt you should be able to get it right.
    I love the previous comment which says this course will help me to do homework for kids if they cannot do it in right way.
    Thanks Andy for this course and other courses i will do on your website. Well managed, easy to use, support from the admin is brilliant.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your feedback Igors. You are making great progress and asking all of the right questions! We look forward to supporting you though an HNC upon completion of the bridging courses.

  89. Bugga

    I started this course as preparation for HNC in electrical to boost my maths knowledge. It’s a number of years (33) since I last studied & I found this course really useful & interesting. I like the fact you can do as much or as little as you want at a time. Even if I don’t do the HNC it will help me when the kids get to secondary school and I need to understand their homework. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of engineering Mathematics or wanting to do an engineering HNC.

    • andygsmith

      Thank you for your feedback Andrew. We are grateful for your input and happy that you have benefited from the course.

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