Level 4 HNC in Electrical Engineering – Full Online Open Learning Qualification

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This course has been designed for individuals who are already working as Electrical / Electronic Engineers, as well as those seeking employment in Engineering.

BTEC Higher Nationals are well-recognised and sought-after qualifications, both in industry and in academia.

Electrical / Electronic Engineering HNC Overview

Higher National Certificates (HNCs) are the first level of Higher Education (Level 4). Successful completion of this course will qualify you for progression on to an HND (Level 5) programme and potentially a Full Degree. In addition, completion of an Electrical / Electronic Engineering HNC provides evidence that you possess the skills and knowledge that are required to perform key duties of an Electrical / Electronics Engineer in industry.

Our Electrical and Electronic Engineering HNC programme offers full Online Delivery and Assessment. This is an Open Learning programme, but not in the traditional sense. Our teaching materials largely consist of Bite-size instructional video tutorials and self-marking, interactive practice questions. In addition, your Assessments will be completed and fully assessed Online.

Studying by Open Learning can be challenging. When you complete an HNC with the Engineers Academy®, you will have demonstrated that you are self-motivated, well-organised and conscientious. These are all personality traits and transferable skills that are highly desirable to employers in the Engineering sector.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering HNC Course Content

Mechanical Engineering HNC

A BTEC HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is an 8-unit qualification, made up of both core and specialist units. To view the specification provided by the awarding body for this qualification, click on the BTEC Edexcel image.

The Engineers Academy® BTEC Level 4 HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering consists of the following units (specialist units may be subject to change):

Core Engineering HNC Units:

  • Unit 1 – Engineering Design
  • Unit 2 – Engineering Maths
  • Unit 3 – Engineering Science
  • Unit 4 – Managing a Professional Engineering Project

Specialist Electrical / Electronic Engineering HNC Units:

  • Unit 5 – Renewable Energy
  • Unit 19 – Electrical and Electronic Principles
  • Unit 21 – Electrical Machines
  • Unit 31 – Electrical Systems and Fault Finding

Entry Requirements for Electrical & Electronic Engineering HNC

Although the Awarding Body of the Electrical / Electronic Engineering HNC does not specify formal entry criteria, it is the responsibility of all centres delivering the qualifications to ensure that their students are suitably prepared and have a reasonable expectation of successful completion.

Individuals from a range of backgrounds are interested in Higher Level Electrical / Electronic Engineering programmes. Some will have academic qualifications and no formal experience, whilst others will have been employed as Engineers for a number of years, with no relevant formal academic qualifications.

As mentioned earlier, studying an Online Distance Learning programme will also differ greatly from studying using more traditional methods.

For these two reasons, we ask all applicants to complete related Bridging Courses prior to enrolling on our HNC programmes. The Bridging Courses are designed to enable the development of the analytical and problem-solving skills that are required to succeed in Engineering Higher Education programmes. In addition, successful completion of the relevant Bridging Courses will provide further assurance that the students who enrol on to our HNC programmes will be capable of engaging with the course materials, assessments and Study Platform.

To enrol on to our Electrical and Electronics Engineering HNC, you should complete the following courses:

These can be purchased as a discount bundle below:

Upon completion of the relevant Bridging Courses you will receive certificates, which will entitle you to enrol on to our Electrical / Electronic Engineering HNC Programme.

Engineers Academy Clients

Additional Programme Study Requirements

You will be provided with full, unlimited access to the Engineers Academy Study Platform for the duration of your chosen HNC programme. In order to access the Study Platform, you will need an Internet connection and Internet access. In addition, you will need the following:

  • A scientific calculator (Casio FX83GT or equivalent)
  • Microsoft Office 365 / LibreOffice software (or equivalent)
  • A Laptop or Desktop Computer with the following specifications
    • Operating System: MAC operating on version 11 Big Sur, or PC operating on Windows 10 (or newer)
    • Processor: X86-based 64-bit processor, 4 cores, 1.7GHz minimum
    • RAM: 4GB minimum
    • Storage: 10GB minimum
    • Graphics Card: DirectX11 minimum

Note: You will also be required to register for additional subject specific software, but wherever possible, we will recommend software that offers free trials and / or student licenses. Please ensue you have the necessary permission to install software on the Laptop / Desktop that you intend to use for your studies.

28 reviews for Level 4 HNC in Electrical Engineering – Full Online Open Learning Qualification

  1. Jake

    I have just recently completed my HNC with EA, and am currently enrolling into my HND. The material and support has been absolutely fantastic, and completely accessible to someone in full time employment. Cannot recommend this enough to other engineers!

  2. Reuben

    I have just completed the HNC in Electrical Engineering. I worked through this alongside a full-time job, the flexibility of online learning helped me complete assignments with constant access to the study platform. The structure of the Learning Objectives was brilliant and I never found myself not understanding what needed to be done during the assessments. The response time from both Andy & Jon was excellent and always within a day.
    I can’t fault anything from this course & would recommend anyone wanting to study alongside work.

  3. Luke Taylor

    I have just finished my HNC with Engineers Academy and could not recommend them enough. Both Andy and Jon have always been so quick to respond to any questions or queries through email. The structure of this course worked perfectly for me as I couldn’t commit to a day a week at college due to work commitments so the flexibility of this course was ideal. Really cannot fault any part of the course at all!

  4. Daniel

    Engineers Academy have been top notch the whole way through my HNC. They have been quick to answer any questions I have had when stuck and the marking of the assignments was always quick. I used ELCAS funding for the course as I’m a service leaver and couldn’t be happier with their service. For anyone else taking the free degree scheme from the MOD, I’d highly recommend going though Tyne coast college which will set you up with these guys.

  5. Dan

    I have just completed my HNC with Engineers Academy and, after being out of formal education for over 14 years, I found the course was highly informative, well structured, and I was able to complete it in my spare time. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to refresh themselves on engineering, or to those who want to further their education. I look forwards to enrolling onto the HND.

  6. Daniel Salt

    Having recently completed my HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Engineers Academy i would firstly like to say a huge thankyou to Jon and Andy who were both very supportive and helpful throughout the course. Aged 37 and in full time employment with a family to support, the flexibility that distance learning gave me was essential to complete the course. Admittedly, i was daunted in the beginning due to this being my first step into higher education, however i soon settled into the learning experience and found the video tutorials with practice questions as a great way to learn, especially to track back over your mistakes. Jon and Andy were always very quick to respond to any queries and although “learning” alone, their help prevented me from feeling isolated or lost at any point. I’m extremely relieved and proud to have achieved the my HNC and would recommend the course to any aspiring electrical engineers.

  7. Eden Jeffries

    Engineers academy have been truly amazing. Andy and Jon are extremely knowledgeable and narrate the content which is being taught in a understandable and clear way. No question or query is too much and they always replied extremely quickly to offer advice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge and progress. It has some amazing modules which are very interesting and It has taught me so much which is able to be transferred to the career which I am pursuing.

  8. Ryan Jackson

    Having just completed a HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Engineers Academy LTD, I would heavily recommend this course to anyone who wishes to further their education and career, due to the amount of knowledge one can gain from this course. Andy and Jon and the rest of the team are always available to help and their response times are very fast. They have put a lot of effort and hard work into creating a distance learning education platform that supersedes any college or university environment. In the future if I possibly want to further my education via a HND, with no doubt Engineers Academy will be the first place I will look.

  9. Martin Smith

    I have just completed a HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with the Engineers Academy. I have never been in a position to commit to full or part time at college with working shifts, and then I stumbled over this online. Initially I had to complete the bridging courses, particularly for math as it had been over 20 years since I had been at school. This was invaluable as I could refer to the material when required, and also gave me the feel for learning fully online. The material throughout the whole HNC was bite size, with plenty practice before each online assessment. Andy and Jon were extremely supportive throughout with any areas I struggled with, and also responded to any queries promptly. I would highly recommended studying in this format. It does require a self driven approach, however you are not alone with the support of the Engineers Academy team.
    Thank you Andy and Jon for helping me progress onto the next stage of my career!

  10. jreed

    Completed a HNC with Engineers Academy, initially skeptical and dubious of the online format as opposed to a classroom environment, due to never completing an online course before. However the tutors have been very helpful and the course material is very user friendly and informative, which has made the whole experience good and would thoroughly recommend to anyone wishing to undergo additional learning. Really cannot fault the Engineers Academy team.

  11. Dave

    Having recently completed an HNC in electrical and electronic engineering I can highly recommend engineers academy to anyone thinking of doing it. Their study platform sets them apart from all others offering this course, modules are broken down into recorded lessons which are viewed online making learning easier, convenient and less daunting than reading through countless handouts. Jon and Andy are also very supportive throughout the course and very responsive if extra support is needed.
    Can’t thank them both enough.

  12. Gareth Fisher

    Being a slightly more mature student (40) I was apprehensive whether I could actually complete the course, having never been particularly amazing at maths.
    Between Andy and Jon’s continued support, helped navigate me through the HNC course, to the end certificate.
    The videos and course layout is amazing, with challenging but practical tasks and assignments.
    I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to explore a role in engineering.

  13. Kris Rhodes

    I have just completed my HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Engineers academy. The distance learning approach to this qualification suited my circumstances perfectly and allowed me to fit my studying around my family and working shifts in my current employment.
    The course content was interesting, with detailed online videos and notes provided for each of the course modules. This coupled with the excellent help, advice and timely responses from the Engineers Academy tutors leads me to thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to complete their HNC. Thank you Engineers Academy.

  14. Wim Seffelaar

    Just completed my HNC in Electrical Engineering. Jon and Andy gave me the confidence to achieve this. Their support and guidance was the main pillar for me to achieve this qualification.
    Thank you both so much!
    If you would like to achieve your HNC and you are willing to put in the work, Engineers Academy is the place for you!

  15. Carl Bailey

    I have just completed my HNC in electrical and electronic engineering with engineers academy.

    I initially started my HNC through a local university studying part time, however I really didn’t receive the support you would expect from “face to face” learning.

    I originally stumbled across engineers academy through their online content available on YouTube, it was far better than a lot of the course notes and material I was working with.

    After contacting them about moving my study across they were incredibly helpful and the transition was really smooth.

    I want to thank both Andy and Jon for their support and constructive feedback throughout the course, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  16. Matt Turton

    Just completed my HNC in Electrical engineering and it’s a very enjoyable and thorough course. Andy and Jon are always available to help where needed and give great guidance. Very user friendly interface, easy to follow units and the training is well delivered, plus very informative. Would 100% recommend Engineers Academy to anyone looking to complete higher level education. Fantastic!

  17. Glen Wootton

    Excellent, having just completed my HNC in Electrical Engineering with Engineers Academy I have to say the course was superb. I started by completing the bridging courses which were of the same excellent quality. The video tutorials and guidance documents throughout the courses and HNC were very informative and well set out. The tutors Andy and Jon were brilliant, their guidance and feedback allowed me to achieve distinctions throughout. Their responses were informative and timely even if I emailed on a weekend. I highly recommend the Engineers Academy and this course especially if like me you work shifts as it allows a flexible approach to which days to study on and at a pace that suits. Thanks again Andy and Jon

  18. Grant Torbet

    Wow, feels amazing to have completed my HNC with Engineers Academy. Having been out of education for almost 30 years I felt nervous and anxious about starting this course. Jon and Andy helped get me started through the bridging units which were invaluable at the start of my studies. I enjoyed the flexible approach to learning whilst working full time. Help during the course was quick and always available when required. Thanks again.

  19. Andrew Bainbridge

    I’ve just completed my HNC and I must say its been an absolute pleasure being a student of Engineers Academy. I’ve completed this course while working in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, with excellent support from both Andy and Jon. I fully intend to continue my studies with the HND program provided by Engineers Academy. I wish this course had been available years ago, though its never to late to continue your studies. Thanks again Jon and Andy.

  20. Dave

    Finished my HNC and have to say I wish a course like this existed 10 – 15 years ago. The video tutorials are great and the tutors Andy and Jon were always timely and helpful with their support. I’d recommend this if you’re willing to put in the work and it feels great when you have completed it all!

  21. Harry

    I have just completed my HNC and found the flexibility of the course to be ideal whilst working full time. The layout of the online portal and lessons is great and I had no faults throughout. Both Andy and Jon were brilliant if I needed help with quick response times, which was a concern of mine before starting! Would definitely recommend

  22. George

    Very happy with the set up for HNC in electrical engineering. Nice and clear to understand; with valid questions showing you have understood it all. John and Andy were brilliant tutors and very helpful throughout whenever I had a problem. Could not recommend it enough. Will hopefully be back to do my HND in the near future.

  23. Lewis teagle

    I have just finished my HNC in electrical and electronic engineering. I would highly recommend the course if you are working full time, due to the flexibility of when you can and cannot study. Andy and Jon were great support throughout the whole process and their ways of presenting each module were easy to follow and very clear.

  24. Liam Morris

    I have now completed my HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Engineers Academy. I have enjoyed every minute of my HNC and believe i have learnt a great deal. I will admit to being a little nervous when starting the HNC online but the videos and information packs give you all the information you need to succeed. Even when i needed a little extra help, Andy and Jon are always there to help and help comes quickly within a matter of hours. If you’re looking for quality teaching, where you can learn at your own pace and under no pressure, then Engineers Academy is perfect.

  25. Istvan Varga

    I finally completed my HNC in Electrical and Electrical Engineering and I am so excited about the future! I always wanted to study but full-time education was out of the question due to work. With Engineers Academy I was able to study in my own time at my own pace. When I needed I asked and received great support from Andy and Jon and I never felt helpless so I would highly recommend the Engineers Academy to anyone.

  26. Adam Carter

    I have now finished my HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Engineers Academy, I feel like I’ve learned a huge amount and the qualification will be very valuable for my career. The course was well structured and the online learning platform always worked perfectly. The video tutorials were really clear and informative, and all the material needed to work on the assignments was easy to access – I’m very grateful to Andy and Jon for their teaching. Work commitments mean that I would have found it difficult to study at a college, but learning and completing assignments when it suited my schedule and at my own pace was perfect. I’d recommend the course to anyone in a similar situation.

  27. Dragos

    I would like to say first of all thank you to my tutors for helping me achieve my Level 4 HNC in Electrical and Electronics. I highly appreciate Engineers Academy. Learning online when you can without pressure is a must nowadays and I even studied on the tube or bus, through a tablet or mobile phone.

  28. Liam Morris

    I am currently working through my Electrical Engineering HNC. I have just completed my first unit. As I have been out of full time education for over 10 years I was a little apprehensive when signing up for the course. Since I have started the course my worries have completely gone. The informative videos give you all of the information you need to complete the questions and assignments and the tutors are always on hand to help with any queries you may have. As I work shifts I was unable to attend a set day in college to complete a HNC, this was the main reason I decided to train with the Engineers Academy. Their courses give you the flexibility to complete the course at your own pace. I would definitely recommend any of their courses to anyone working or looking to work within the engineering sector.

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