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As a provider of Open and Distance learning programmes, we understand the importance of focusing on the needs of our students.

Our courses offer value to individuals already studying Engineering, as well as anyone considering an Engineering discipline for the first time.

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The table below summarises the benefits of studying with Engineers Academy®:

Benefits of Studying with Engineers Academy®

  • Flexible Start and End Dates;
  • Flexible Study Patterns;
  • Modular / Unitised Delivery;
  • Full Online Delivery and Assessment;
  • A Range of Payment Options;
  • Bitesize Lessons and Video Content;
  • Interactive Tasks with Instant Feedback;
  • Progress Monitoring and Tracking;
  • Bridging Courses and Support Materials;
  • Progression Routes Between Programmes.

Engineers Academy Clients

Study Flexibility

Our courses are unique in that you can enrol at any time and can study in the time frame that best suits your needs. On our higher programmes, you are able to study complete units in isolation, which means that you can receive unit credits as you go along. Once you have completed enough units and credits with us, you will be awarded full certification for your accredited qualifications.

Innovative Online Platform

Our students are able to access their course materials, resources and relevant assessments at anytime and anywhere (with an Internet connection). Our resources are tailored towards the learning preferences of the 21st century, technology savvy student, as we appreciate that the preferred learning methods of students today are vastly different from the preferences of generations passed.

When you study with Engineers Academy®, you are not required to read extensive text books, or attend long lectures. All of the resources are available exclusively Online and include videos, interactive quizzes and self-marking practice questions.

Progression Opportunities

We pride ourselves on offering course materials and resources that embed recognised principles of effective teaching and learning, to help our students to achieve their academic potential. Our level 3 resources can be used to support learning at level 4 and beyond, enabling our students to progress though the academic levels, as they develop their Engineering knowledge and understanding.

If you are not sure what level you should begin studying at, then please do not let this prevent you from making the decision to study Engineering with us.  We have developed Engineering Fundamentals and bridging courses to help students to prepare for studying higher level programmes, such as HNCs, HNDs and even Degrees. We aim to provide progression opportunities to both current and prospective students, helping them to get the most out of their education.

Funding and Payment Options

If you are unsure how you will fund your studies, then we have a number of different options available to you. We aim to offer very affordable courses and can accept payments from your employer / sponsor, as well as ELCs Credits (via ELCAS) for our Higher Education programmes.  We are also able to arrange payment plans on an individual basis.

For a full list of programmes and an outline of the courses that we are currently offering, please click the ‘Engineers Academy Course Catalogue’ image.

Browse our course catalogue for details of the Online Distance Learning programmes that we currently offer, across a range of levels and disciplines.