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At the Engineers Academy®, we are committed to providing world-class Engineering education for our students. That is why recognised principles of effective teaching and learning have been embedded throughout all of our courses and resources.

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3 Steps to Effective Learning

It is important to understand that learning is a 3-step process.  We learn most effectively when we follow the 3 steps: See, Experience, Master.

‘Seeing’ a competent person or teacher solve a specific problem provides a template to follow when solving similar problems for yourself.  This has led to the rise in popularity of 'How-To' videos and online instructional tutorials – but this is only the first step.

‘Experiencing’ a problem involves extracting and processing key information for yourself. You will need to attempt a range of tasks, to improve your own competency in solving contextualised problems. ‘Seeing’ this process carried out by another person can only ever be the first step, but being able to refer to their examples at any time also offers a huge benefit for supporting the learning process.

‘Mastering’ a skill takes consistent practice, patience and perseverance. Have you heard the saying “repetition in the mother of skill”? This is certainly true when developing problem solving skills. Maths and engineering is all about finding solutions to problems by applying a range of skills and strategies, often in unfamiliar contexts.

Engineers Academy Online Engineering Courses

All Engineers Academy® courses are structured around these principles of effective teaching and learning.  You will ‘See’ problems being solved during video tutorials, which will give you a template to model when attempting the related practice questions. You will be able to stop, rewind and repeat video tutorials, which is something that you are not able to do in a typical classroom setting.

As you work through practice questions, you will gain ‘Experience’ of solving problems. Our Study Platform uses coding and software to produce multiple variations of each practice question. Each time you revisit a question, you will be faced with a slightly different challenge using different variables and values. You will be required to apply your newly learned skills, rather than memorising solutions. You will receive instant feedback when you submit answers to practice questions and will be given key pointers if any common errors are made.

Over time, you will ‘Master’ the skills needed to solve a range of engineering problems through ongoing practice. You will be able to identify your own strengths and areas for improvement by reviewing the tasks that you have attempted and the scores that you have achieved in completed sets of practice questions. You will be able to use this valuable information to determine which topics to revisit, either to improve your scores or to hone your fundamental problem solving skills.

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